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Maldiviana |  Our spa & Ayurveda
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  • Seat-in-coach Tour    

    Seat-in-coach Tour

    This is a group tour operated daily. Minimum number of participants is 2 (two) persons. Bookings are accepted until 3 days before each tour...

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  • Mini Island Tour    

    Mini Island Tour

    This tour will take you to historic Dambulla Cave Temple to the Dalada Temple and various cultural activities in Kandy including the Royal...

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  • Peace n Serenity Tour    

    Peace n Serenity Tour

    Explore the unique island heritage. Head to the Kandy town and soak up its historic past and culture, explore Dambulla rock temple, climb...

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Our spa & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic massage – a unique form of massage, which is based on the work of deep soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and internal organs). Thanks to him, relieves muscle tension, is an active stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, increases metabolism, and the body begins to actively get rid of toxins.

During Ayurvedic massage uses a large number of massage oil and powder calamus. With oil toxins accumulated in the muscles are released and washed out of the body through the bloodstream. Powder calamus stimulates blood circulation. The whole body is set to restore and update vitality.

Ayurvedic massage removes energy blocks directly updates the vital energy – prana and helps to really deeply relax. Several sessions (two to five) provide stable and long-lasting effects (at least 3-4 months and sometimes for six months).

Several Ayurvedic massage will give you:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Detoxification (cleansing of toxins)
  • Healthy joints
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Activation of blood circulation
  • Even the heart rate and breathing
  • Getting rid of stress, tension
  • Increasing levels of the hormone of joy
  • A clear head
  • Normalization of pressure
  • Weight Loss
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Pain relief (relief from muscular jaws, pain in the joints, the spine and headaches)

Head massage – Massage the scalp

Improves blood circulation and gives a cascade of positive emotions. Hair get healthy shine and strength as a result of mechanical action on the skin, they regulate the sebaceous glands and getting rid of dead skin particles.

Face massage – Facial massage

Improves blood circulation and metabolism normalization facilitates the allocation of metabolic products. The procedure helps the skin to “breathe” and prevents stagnation of blood, strengthens the tissues and muscles, prolongs youthfulness of the skin, making it smoother and more elastic.

Body massage – Total body massage

Impact on all areas of the body can get rid of the feeling of heaviness and discomfort throughout the body.

Royal head massage – Royal head massage

For this type of massage is used natural oil «Niliadi» from local herbs. Massage improves blood circulation, get rid of headaches, improve hair growth and disappearance of dandruff.

Therapia massage – Therapeutic massage of the whole body

Carried out with the oil «Mahanarayan» from local herbs. Reduces muscle tension, sprains, promotes a rush of vitality.

Classic Srilankan massage – Classic Lankan massage

Means a full body massage using a special oil «Mahamasnarayane». Improves blood circulation of the whole body and relieves joint pain.

Steam bath – Steam Bath

Steam bath has a beneficial effect on the skin – from the steam dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation and trophic tissues, pores dilate, and through them more easily penetrate nutrients. The skin is cleaned of fat and dead scales of epidermis and body massage invigorates the body.

Inhalation – Inhalation

By means of infusion of 14 kinds of herbs. It is recommended in case of problems with breathing. Improves respiratory reserve lungs and relieves headaches. It is recommended to combine inhalation with massage of the head .

Nasal cleaning – Cleansing the nose (Nasya)

This procedure is performed to remove the accumulated plaque from the sinuses, relieves headaches and helps overall body relaxation.

Facial – Peeling

This exfoliating facial scrub, which consists of only natural ingredients: aloe vera, white sandalwood, mangrove root, chickpeas and royal coconut oil. Helps to rejuvenate and improve the complexion. Procedure is recommended every other day.

Head, neck & back massage – Massage of the head, neck and back

Massage to get rid of excess salt deposits in the shoulder body.

Back & legs massage – Massage the back and legs

Foot massage is effective for the treatment of cellulite and varicose veins; it also promotes cell regeneration. At the foot massage, special attention is paid to the feet. Foot massage has a relaxing effect on the entire body, helps get rid of flat feet and improves the activity of internal organs.

All procedures are performed by qualified service technician using natural ingredients!

We wish you a pleasant stay!


Situated almost at the centre of the island’s northern plains, the city rose to prominence very early in the development of Sri Lanka, and maintained its pre-eminent position for more than a millennium until being finally laid waste by Indian invaders in 993. Today, Anuradhapura remains a magical place....

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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is home to the world’s largest troupe of captive pachyderms. The animals here range from newborns to elderly matriarchs, and include abandoned elephants, as well as those injured in the wild. Twice daily the elephants are driven to the Ma Oya river for a leisurely bath but...

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Hill Country
Hill Country

Occupying the island’s southern heartlands, the sublime green heights of the hill country are a world away from the sweltering coastal lowlands – indeed nothing encapsulates the scenic diversity of Sri Lanka as much as the short journey by road or rail from the humid urban melee of Colombo to the cool...

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Eastern Sri Lanka’s major town, Trincomalee has been celebrated since antiquity for its superlative deep-water harbour, one of the finest in the world. The town served as the major conduit for the island’s seaborne trade during the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa periods, and the harbour was later fought...

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About 165 km away from Colombo, the spectacular citadel of Sigiriya – a remarkable archeological site made unforgettable by its dramatic setting rises sheer and impregnable out of the denuded plains of the dry zone, sitting atop a huge outcrop of gneiss rock towering 200m above the surrounding countryside....

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What they say:


Ichirō Tsukada – Akiruno-shi, Tokyo 197-0833 Japan

We have just arrived back in Kyiv after the most incredible holiday in Sri Lanka. It has been a tour of a lifetime arranged by Maldiviana Holidays. The 6 days we spent truly added so much to our experience. Our only sadness is that we were not able to spend more time

Kateryna Berezhnaya – m. Kyiv, 03110 Ukraine

My family have asked me to thank you once again for our wonderful tour of Sri Lanka. You looked after us so nicely & we saw more than we had expected. Historical places were totally magnificent, to finish with that relaxing beach holiday, but so much more besides.

Blažek Ivánek – Praha 4, 14000 Czech Republic

We spent 2 weeks in Sri Lanka & Maldives, in the capable hands of Maldiviana. Everything worked without a hitch. Excellent experience and I can’t say enough about guides. They were knowledgeable, but more importantly, they understood our expectations every time.

Oksana Fyodorova – Voronejskaya obl, 247112 Russia


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